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Mass Elite Lacrosse is a club lacrosse team that is dedicated to developing the talents of youth and high school girls’ lacrosse players. Mass Elite players are among the strongest lacrosse players in the state of Massachusetts. Mass Elite teams compete against club teams in New England showcases as well as in the National tournament circuit.

Mass Elite coaches are dedicated to guiding our student-athletes both on and off the field.  We emphasize the importance of teamwork, leadership, honesty, and competition. Mass Elite provides student-athletes with high level coaching, demanding practices, and an opportunity to compete with and against the best lacrosse players in the nation.

Team Policies


  1. All players interested in Mass Elite must tryout every year.  Prior team membership does not guarantee future team membership. 
  2. All players must are encouraged attend as many practices and tournaments as possible.  Mass Elite does not require participation at any practice or tournament as we understand and appreciate multi-sport athletes, family commitments, and extra-curricular activities.  Tournament selections are at the discretion of each participant.  The players that succeed in our program recognize that their skill and athletic development is directly proportionate to their commitment to Mass Elite.
  3. Mass Elite teams are divided by student-athletes’ years of graduation.  There are generally no more than three full teams in each year of graduation.  It is expected that all players attend all of the scheduled practices for their year of graduation. It is the responsibility of the player to notify the Mass Elite Directors by email why they are unable to attend.  Practice schedules for all years of graduation are available at, www.masselite.com.  In the event of inclement weather or changes in the practice schedule, families will be notified via the website, Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Mass Elite Coaches expect responsibility and accountability.  We hold players accountable for their actions and decisions.  Players are instructed to handle all communications with their coaches. 
  5. Players are discouraged from joining or committing to other travel lacrosse programs that interfere with their participation in Mass Elite.  If Mass Elite is attending a given tournament, our players who are interested in attending that tournament must play for Mass Elite.

Tournament Procedures

It is expected that players attend as many tournaments as possible.  Please understand that to take a spot on a team and not take attendance seriously is unfair to your coaches and teammates.  The team fee and ALL tournament fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  There are NO exceptions; this includes high school team obligations, player illness/injury, or personal conflict.

Important Note for Mass Elite High School Players:  Should a conflict arise between your high school team and a Mass Elite tournament or practice, the commitment to your high school team will always come first.


  1. Tournament Registration must be completed online (at www.masselite.com) and is available three times per year: fall, winter, and spring/summer, (spring for youth teams only).  All players are required to complete tournament registration online by the designated deadline.  Rosters are then formed based on registration.  NOTE:  Registration after deadline must be done by phone or email and players will only be added if space is available on the roster.  Players will not be rostered for tournaments until payment has been received in full. 
  2. All travel and accommodations for tournaments are the responsibility of the player’s family.  A tournament details page will be posted with as much information as possible.  Additional tournament information (schedule, roster, and waiver) will be posted and emailed as soon as it is available.
  3. Tournament Rosters are based on 1. Year of Graduation 2. Skill level 3. Attendance.  Rosters are not put together based on requests or parental input
  4. Tournament schedules will be available the 2-5 days before the tournament if possible.  Tournament schedules will be email and posted at www.masselite.com as soon as coaches receive the information from the tournament. 
  5. Players should arrive at the field for tournaments one hour before their first scheduled game and thirty minutes before each subsequent game (or as indicated by the coach).  Players should be in full uniform.
  6. All players will receive playing time.  The amount of time played will be at the discretion of the coach. Understanding the goal of attending true recruiting tournaments, the coaches will attempt to give all players an equal share of game time. Each year, Mass Elite attends tournaments of a wide variety of competition levels.  The goal of some tournaments is purely fun, participation and exposure; others include a championship format.  At these more competitive tournaments, it benefits the entire program for our teams to perform well.  In those situations, playing time will be determined with the focus on winning.
  7. Mass Elite Coaches are not assigned to specific teams at tournaments.  Coaches value a player’s ability to play for any coach and we have found that players’ benefit from working with different coaches and understanding different coaching philosophies.

Tryout Fee, Team Fees, Tournament Fees and Refund Policy

The Mass Elite Team Tryout Fee is non-refundable.

The Team Membership Fee is paid annually.  This fee covers uniforms, practices, coaches, scrimmages, field and office rental fees, web site administration, college assistance, utility expenses, insurance, seminars and conferences, professional fees and other operating expenses.  Registration must be completed online and payment in full must be received prior to the start fall tournaments.  Players whose team fees have not been received will not be rostered for tournaments.  No refunds for the Mass Elite team fee will be made for any reason.

Tournament fees are separate from the annual membership fee.  Families are responsible for all travel arrangements and expenses when applicable. Tournament fees are additional and the amount of the fee will vary.  Tournament fees are based on tournament entry fees, coaching stipend, and roster requirements. 

The Mass Elite Team fees and tournament fees are non-refundable

Click here to review the Mass Elite Refund Policy.

There will be a charge of $25.00 for returned checks.
Mass Elite Recruiting

Mass Elite provides support and guidance in the college search process.  Mass Elite Coaches are a resource in providing current NCAA regulations and other practical strategies, information and guidelines to assist both the student-athlete and her parents on the college recruiting process.  Coaches are always available to meet with student-athletes to discuss the recruiting process and provide guidance throughout their college searches. College placement begins and ends with the individual; players must initiate communication with coaches and follow up with campus visits. 

PME Scholarship Fund

Mass Elite offers scholarships to graduating seniors each year provided by the PME Scholarship Fund.  The application process will be emailed to all seniors in the Summer after senior year. XtremeLax is our tournament dedicated to raising money for the PME Scholarship Fund. Players requesting financial help are encouraged to arrange a work study program to offset costs such as coaching the younger teams at practices and camps.

Click here if you would like to make a donation to the PME Scholarship Fund.