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Congratulations to our 2013-2014 F5 Challenge Winners: 2017s!!


Mass Elite is proud to announce the creation of the F5 Challenge, our club’s intra-squad competition that reinforces our club’s commitment to teaching the values of accountability, competition, team building and community outreach.   In order to be successful student-athletes, our players understand the importance of focusing on academics, playing fearlessly on the lacrosse field, making fitness a priority, having fun while working hard and establishing life-long friendships.  The 5 F’s are routed in the philosophy that Paula and Leslie envisioned when Mass Elite was created.

The F5 Challenge highlights our student-athletes’ accomplishments in the following areas (Click to learn more about each area and how points are earned):

Teams are divided by Years-of-Graduation.  Our inaugural 2013-2014 F5 Challenge will have 3 teams: 2015s, 2016s, and 2017s!  Student-athletes in each of these YOG’s can earn points for their respective teams.   Points are accumulated over the course of the year from October through July.  At the end of the year, all points will be tallied and divided by the number of student-athletes in each YOG.  The winning team is announced at the end of the membership year. 

Throughout the year, students-athletes will receive invitations from Mass Elite coaches via email, our Facebook group, and Twitter feed for all events and challenges.  Find and Like us on Facebook: Mass Elite Lacrosse or find us on Twitter @MassEliteLax.  Follow our club challenge using #F5Challenge!

Questions?  Email MeredithEFrank@gmail.com

Description of F5 Challenge Categories and Distribution of Points:

Academic Excellence
Academics are always the first priority.  Student-athletes are expected to work as hard in the classroom as they do on the lacrosse field.  We expect our players understand and embrace the importance of learning, work hard to achieve success in the classroom and take advantage of extra-curricular activities.  While lacrosse may be a valuable asset with your college application, there is no substitute for academic achievement.  Additionally, the best way to create opportunities to play lacrosse in college is to excel in your studies.   


Distribution of Points and Results Reporting:  Points will be awarded to teams in  June, 2014 – at the end of the academic year.  Student-athletes can confidentially report their GPAs and/or academic honor roll recognition at the end of each semester by completing the F5 Academic Form found on the Mass Elite website.  Points can be earned in two ways:    
  • Team GPA: The team GPA will be averaged from those GPAs that are reported confidentially by individuals divided by the number of student-athletes who report this information.  Points are awarded to all teams based on the GPA averages listed below.   
    • 3.70 and above = 100 points
    • 3.50 - 3.69 = 80 points
    • 3.30 - 3.49 = 60 points
    • 3.10 - 3.29 = 40 points
    • 2.90 - 3.09 = 20 points
    • 2.70 - 2.89 = 10 points
  • Honor Roll:  Each student-athlete that receives the distinction of “honor roll” or “high honors” will earn points to be added to their teams’ point total. 
    • “High honors” as recognized by the school = 20 points
    • “Honor roll” as recognized by the school= 10 points

Practice Attendance
Attendance at Mass Elite is not required, though highly encouraged.  Practice is the best opportunity play fearlessly, strengthen friendships with teammates, and improve skills.  Mass Elite does not require participation as we understand and appreciate multi-sport athletes, family commitments, and extra-curricular activities.  The players that succeed in our program, however, recognize that their skill and athletic development is directly proportionate to their commitment to Mass Elite and attendance at practice.


Distribution of Points and Results Reporting: Points are awarded to teams; one point will be awarded for every member of your team present at practice.  Attendance will be counted at every practice throughout the entire year.  Coaches will total the number of student-athletes, divide by the total number of team members and multiply by 100. 
  • Team Attendance (example):
    • 60 girls at practice / 60 girls in 2015 YOG x 100 = 100 points
    • 45 girls at practice / 60 girls in 2015 YOG x 100 = 75 points

Fitness & Stickwork Training
Mass Elite coaches believe that the value of fitness and strength training can never been overlooked.  Not only does being physically fit and strong make individuals better lacrosse players, but a well-conditioned athlete is better prepared to handle the physical and mental stresses that school and sports inflict.  Strength and sport performance training will improve balance, decrease the rate of injury, and improve cardiovascular conditioning.  That is why fitness plays such a central role at all Mass Elite practices.  Additionally, our coaches understand that fitness at practice is not enough, and encourage student-athletes to supplement practices with outside conditioning and cross-training.


Distribution of Points and Results Reporting: Points can be earned by completing the weekly fitness challenges or mastering skill routines.  Student-athletes will have one week to compete and report fitness challenges.  Student-athletes can confidentially report their Fitness Challenge results by the specified deadline by completing the F5 Fitness Form found on the Mass Elite website.  Points will be posted after each challenge.
  • Fitness Challenges:
    • Completion of the fitness challenge = 10 points
    • Completion of the fitness challenge in a group* = 20 points 5 points per additional team member
    • Completion and documentation of fitness challenge* = 30 points
    • Completion and documentation of fitness challenge in a group* = 40 points 5 points per additional team member
  • Stickwork Challenges:
    • A stickwork routine will be emailed one week before practice; student-athletes will have the opportunity to memorize and master the challenge and then compete at practice for points. 
*Groups are defined by more than 1 Mass Elite team member
**Documentation must be in the form of photograph or video and must be sent to

Community Service
Mass Elite encourages student-athletes to be well-rounded and many of our student-athletes participate in a myriad of activities, including community service.  Our players volunteer their time to assist others and understand the importance of giving back to their communities.    Mass Elite is excited to join their efforts and support different outreach programs throughout the year. 


Distribution of Points and Results Reporting: Mass Elite will offer a variety of service opportunities throughout the membership year.  Each student-athlete who participates in any of these activities will earn points for her team.  Points will be posted after each challenge.  Student-athletes will be asked to record their participation on a team roster.  Student-athletes can also earn point for their team by completing the Community Service Participation Log for service performed outside Mass Elite.  Student-athletes can turn in their log for points at any time throughout the membership year. 

Click here to download the Community Service Participation Log.

  • Community Service:
    • Walking for Team Mass Elite in the Jimmy Fund Walk (September) = 50 points
    • Canned Food Drive (November) = 1o points
    • Winchendon Giving Project 2013 (December) = 20 points
    • Coat Drive (February) = 30 points
  • Points awarded for community service completed outside of Mass Elite (as documented on the Community Service Participation Log):  
    • 10 points for each hour completed